Carrollton is a place in Texas, in the US. It is presently the 23rd most populous country in Texas City. As per the 2010 census the population of this Texas city was only 1,19,097people. After 2010 the city became extremely popular for its various monuments and their importance due to which the city started becoming more populous day by day. Occupying an area of 91 square kilometers, this city started having no need for further resources to handle its population. Despite having a good public transport for some reasons the effectivity of public transport declined and people started using their own personal cars for daily movement. Keeping this in mind many new Car showrooms came up in the City to facilitate the growth of people and provide enough incentives to them. Some of the best Car showrooms selling used cars and the cheapest range in the city and located in the City are listed below-

Used cars in Carrollton

  1. The drive 1 motor car showroom –this showroom trades in Used cars in Carrollton and new cars. Some of the best new cars that are offered by this showroom are Toyota, Ford transit, jeep wrangled X , Lexus IS250, jeep wrangled X unlimited, Mercedes Benz, land rover , rage rover amongst many others.
  2. The United auto group– This showroom is known for its best quality cars for the cheapest price available in the market. The cars best used cars sold here include the GMC Yukon, Toyota Camry, Nissan pathfinder, BMW 7 series, Mercedes Benz A 350, Volvo v70. Audi A4 premium Infiniti fx35 and many more
  3. The PM Stanley Corporation– the newly listed new cars that are available in the showroom are the GMC Yukon,   The Land Rover sports car and the Mercedes Benz
  4. The Blackjack Motorsports-This showroom is the closest to any tour in Texas and is also open 24/7 at restricted timers for the convenience of its customers. The used cars in this showroom include the Audi A4, the Ford focus SE sedan, the new Ford hatchback, the Hyundai Elantra and the Chrysler 200 Limited.
  5. The Sam packs 5 star Ford of Carrollton– The best used cars in this showroom include the 2007 Nissan Murano, The Ford F150, the Ford ranger sport, the Honda City, Ford escape 2 WD, Ford ranger LXD, Hyundai sonatas SD, the 2014 Ford Mustang the Ford fusion SE, the jeep grand Cherokee overland and many other such amazing cars in various colours.

All the cars that have been mentioned in this article are Used cars in Carrollton and are available at the cheapest rate that is available in the city. The location of these showrooms is near most of the housing society for the convenience.