No Better Pick than Used Ford Trucks


Ever since 1925, Ford Motor Co. has sold more than millions of trucks out in the market. Even today, it exports them out all over in the world. Ford is a flourishing automobile company that has been there at the dawn of the 20th century, although these used to primarily be the carriages of only the rich. Ford has been different from other companies in terms of innovation and wise management. The reason for their popularity is that some of the people out there have literally grown up with the trucks. From off-roading to domestic farms, these trucks have seen it all.

While Ford Company started to build automobiles, there was always a vested interest in commercial vehicles. Although the early attempts at building such trucks were not successful, it was understood that they will be a useful commodity in the market.

A little historical insight

The first of such trucks made an appearance in 1925, only two years after their first automobile. Ford was looking forward to tackling the market and take over in a storm. So they decided to give these trucks – commercial vehicles – for middle-class men a chance and had hit the nail on the head. The ford model T Runabout was its incursion in the truck market. Ford formatted its line up to include trucks in the highest weight class and all from the lightweight duty to heavyweight duty.

Why ford trucks are better than other trucks?

Ford trucks are iconic, historical and obviously look good in any color. The ford company has an unparalleled history in the trucks’ business in the market. Ford offers you five engines in their trucks. If the raptor’s 3.5-liter engine of 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet are your kind of thing, then they are the best-suited trucks for you! The ford trucks’ interior has a lot of legroom, and soft & high-quality materials throughout. Ford’s bed is much bigger than other trucks out there.

Ford trucks also have a whole slew of cool options like the Boxlink tie-down system. They also offer you the fuel efficiency of 26 highways and 19 cities. The ford trucks have earned five stars overall from NHTSA, with ford also having a slighter much safer option because of its safety from the HIS. Even the used ford trucks have proved better than some other trucks!


Ford trucks are not just people favorite but also by many critics too. Many of them and publications have kept ford trucks at the top of their list due to its outstanding performance throughout these years and time. In 2009, Ford won the prestigious Motor Trend truck of the year awards. In 2017, it again took home the same award, showcasing that ford isn’t done with wheel reinvention.