Why You Should Choose Radial Tires For A Used Car

Radial Tires For A Used Car

Radial tires brought a revolutionized methodology of manufacturing tires. Conceived, developed and made to use by Michelin in 1946, these tires started being primarily used for agricultural vehicles, to support the heavy-duty work of farming. Later Radial tires became one of the most popularly used tires for city cars and other regular vehicles.

Radial tires are often compared with bias tires as they differ in terms of their core design from each other. While in radial tires the cord plies are arranged in a radial angle from the center of the tire, in bias tires the body ply cords is diagonally placed from one bead to another.

Features of Radial Tires

Radial tire or to be precise, in a radial-ply type of tire has a design of a vehicular tire. As described by the Kansas City used car dealer this particular design implies the arrangement of cord plies at an angle of 90 degrees to the direction of travel, which can be said to be radially placed from the center of the tire.

Essential Features of Radial Tires

To know why radial tires are better for used cars, we need to know the salient features of this kind of tires that are listed below:

  • These tires have Flexible sidewalls
  • Because of lesser rolling resistance it cuts down on fuel consumption
  • The radial tires can give softer rides because of their layout of tire plies. Their flexible sidewalls too   help in establishing a more stable contact with the road and bring out a smooth rolling on the road surface.
  • The radial tires are consisted of Steel Belts that gives an overall tougher construction.
  • The tires have prolonged tread life with wider footprint
  • The composition of the tires ensure lesser ground compaction and reduce chances of damage
  • You need not go for tire replacement too often as less heat is generated by these kind of tires
  • Radial tires have lesser machine maintenance costs as well
  • Radial tires ensure better riding comfort
  • Even for better traction radial tires are useful
  • Because of less vibration the passengers do not suffer journey exhaustion
  • Radial tires are able to absorb impacts, shocks, and bumps better than that of the bias tires

Why Good for Used Cars

As shared by the used car dealer Kansas City, in comparison to new cars, using radial tires for used cars is always beneficial. Explaining it still further, they added, that the used cars would always have lesser owner benefits from the dealers or manufacturers. Additionally, because of the wear and tear, old cars would need more frequent maintenance schedules and costs. In many cases the most common replacements observed in used cars are the tires. so, in such cases, if the original tires are replaced by radial tires, the overall maintenance cost would reduce, as described above. Moreover, fuel efficiency would increase, and passengers would not feel the journey fatigue they would have otherwise felt in a used car.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, if you want to lower your fuel consumption, enjoy the freedom from frequent ground damage and rolling resistance, the radial tyre design are the ones that can assure you of all these benefits.