How to Keep Your Car Clean

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We all read a lot of articles and gather insights from mechanics and car experts to know how to maintain the clean car tidy from outside. The most common questions include which type of product to use for soaping the car or for polishing it afterward. But we all miss one significant factor here, the interiors of the car as much important as the exterior. If the interiors are not kept clean and tidy, it becomes a breeding ground for insects which leads to an incidence of various kinds of diseases.

Rather a popular practice is to wash the car from outside on every weekend, but we do not think it appropriate to vacuum the inside. Well, it’s time to change this and from now on, you should focus on both the areas of your Houston Chevrolet Impala equally. Don’t worry if you do not know how to take the first step and what to do for ensuring that your car is in a kempt condition from the inside as well, just follow the steps below:

  1. Trash bags:A family car is similar to a dumpster where when anyone eats something the floor of the car becomes a dumping ground. To avoid this, always keep a few trash bags in your car and inform everyone to use them, they are not for decoration. This way, the car’s floor and door pockets will remain nice and clean resembling an ambient atmosphere inside the car.Houston Chevrolet dealership
  2. No Smoking: Hang a no-smoking tag on the front mirror and stick to what it says. Also, tell everybody who sits in your car, smoke outside and dump the cigarettes in a dumpster. The roads are also not a dumping ground for your cigarettes.
  3. The floor mats: These poor guys are the most downtrodden part of any car, they have to bear the dirt that drops from our shoes, and they have to take care of the beer bottles and the wrappers and whatnot. You need to treat them with respect, shake off the floor mats every morning before going to work. This will keep your car clean and dirt free.
  4. Shake those shoes: However, if you do not want to disturb the mats every morning, ensure that you shake your shoes before entering the car every time. Who would want to spread dirt in the new 2019 Chevrolet Cruze? Probably no one, then why are you not doing the same?
  5. No drinks and food:Water is fine, but you should not let anyone eat or drink in your car. Do you know that even a single morsel of food or drink spilled on the seat covers will be absorbed by upholstery and sponges inside them? This will lead to permanent stains and pungent odors even after you waste your favorite cologne to reduce the smell. If the unfortunate happens, then swiftly wash it off with some water and a little soap so that it may not dry into the upholstery.