How to Buy New or Used Cars in Syracuse?


Buying a new car isn’t something that happens every day so you shouldn’t rush into it and regretting it later. It takes a bit of research and time to find something that is perfect for you. The budget isn’t the only thing that matters but it will determine the quality of the vehicle. There are a few more factors you should consider when making this choice. Click here to read more.

It’s more complex to get a used one because the seller will try to get the most out of your pocket especially if you are inexperienced. If that is the case, bring a mechanic with you so they can examine it and provide valid advice. Remember that it is a long term choice so if you plan to start a family, buying the right one can mean a lot.

Determine Your Budget

Your budget will be the deciding factor for what kind of car you will get. There are many models and offers but the quality differs a lot and if your financial status isn’t so great, you should buy something inexpensive so you can get better quality. Another way is to get a loan but try to increase your credit score so you can get a better deal. Most people will rush it because they saw a good offer but it becomes bad after a few years when the situation changes.Read more about it here:

Make a List

When you know how much you can invest, it is time to do your homework and make a list of what you are looking for. The factors that matter are cost, fuel efficiency, comfort, size, reliability, safety, performance and appearance. You can add to this list the age if you are getting a used car. You should always look for something that works for you instead of listening to others.Listen to your mechanic when it comes to technical factors but the rest is on you.

Another list should be about the places you will look for a vehicle because you need a trusted dealer. You have many websites online that can help you in making this decision. Based on client reviews, they will rank the dealer. This way, you will know if someone is looking to scam you or not. This is as important as the model you are going to choose.

New vs. Used

The market for used cars is very big because there are a lot of great options and even new vehicles will drop in price for 25% in only one year. The biggest advantage of used cars is the cost especially if it is from a classified listing in great condition. Insurance rates will also be better because the drivers are more cautious. The disadvantage is the dealer markup is higher and financing. You will also pay much more for maintenance and you won’t know the whole history behind the vehicle.

Getting a new one can be very overwhelming but also a great move if you have the money for it. The best thing is that you have the freedom of choice and you get better financing for it. When you consider that every new feature comes with it, it means that the safety is on another level and that you know what you are getting. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay more and that the price will drop drastically if you want to sell it after a few years. 

Contacting the Seller

You need to be prepared when contacting the dealer with a set of the question even if they might lie about it. You can’t know if they are absolutely trustworthy unless is someone you know or someone recommended to you. That is why you should ask your friend or family member for a referral.

Check why they are selling it and if it needs additional repairs. It can impact your budget a lot when you need to fix it. Even if they changed some parts, you need to know if it was in any accidents and how many people were owners. Walk away if they don’t have all the records and if it wasn’t examined at the mechanic.

Buying Tips

Never accept the first offer when you are talking to the dealer in person. It is a type of bargaining so you should force a lower price until you notice they are not going any lower. It will be beneficial to read more about tricks they use to make a sale so you can know when they are applying it to you.

Always test drive it because you can feel if something is wrong if you had a car before. You can feel the interior and it will help you a lot to make the decision. Accelerate a bit more to see how it runs when under stress.