Here’s How to Protect Yourself When Buying Used Car


If you need a car but you are on a tight budget, considering used cars in raleigh is the best option for the moment. However, buying a used car is tricky especially for the untrained eye. With this, it is important that you are mindful when buying a pre-owned vehicle to protect yourself.

Here’s how to protect yourself when buying a used car:

Compare prices

You should first determine what make and model you need so you could find out how much it is sold for. Once you know how much it is sold for, you can compare the prices online.

Set a reasonable budget

After having a general idea of the prices online, you can finally set a reasonable budget. When setting a budget, you should not only focus on the cost of purchase. It is crucial to allocate an amount for potential repair, maintenance, and replacement. Experts are recommending that you set aside at least 20% of the used car’s price.

Think about financing

Since you are on a tight budget for full payment, you should think about financing. There are many financing options – if you have stellar credit. You also get to enjoy better terms and interest rates. If you have bad credit, there is still a way to own a used car but you have to ensure a larger down payment.

Check mileage

It is time that you check the mileage. Remember that the higher the mileage, the older the car is. If the car is older, it means more parts to replace. With this, it is vital to check the mileage of the car you are considering to buy. As much as possible, avoid cars with mileage higher than 60,000 kilometers.

If the car has higher than 60,000 kilometers, the unit parts are likely to be worn out. Verifying the car mileage is easy – just pay attention to the pedals and the steering wheel during your inspection and test drive.

Learn about the car’s history

You should confirm if the claims of the owner or dealership are true through a vehicle history report. For this to be successful, you just need the VIN. If the seller is reluctant to give, consider it a red flag.

Inspect the car

After running a vehicle history report, you can start inspecting the car’s interior, exterior and under the hood. This is to get an idea of the real condition of the car but if you do not have the experience, it is wise to hire a mechanic. The mechanic can find potential issues and determine if the car has been in an accident. Another form of inspection is test-driving the car. Do not skip this because it can give you a good sense of the car.

Negotiate fairly

Armed with the information, you can finally negotiate. If you want to improve your chances of getting a lower price, you need to point out the red flags discovered while inspecting the car.

Bottom Line

Your goal here is to buy a car in the best condition and possibly at the lowest price. Although this sounds easier said than done, there are ways you can consider to protect your interest. The key here is to do your research thoroughly.