For The Best Car Detailing, Use Coating Over Clear Bra

Best Car Detailing, Use Coating Over Clear Bra

One other emerging topic on automobile maintenance is how paint protection films and glass coatings complement each other when it comes to detailing process. Every product serves its own specific function but when they are combined, they result in ultimate protection to your vehicle. Paint protection film will help protect the car from environmental contaminants and light swirls. The film also makes the surface easy to clean. Now the films amazingly do not offer protection against UV and therefore the detailing professional Clear bra Vancouver will add some coating to make it easier to clean. In most occasions, clients ask whether it is okay to apply the ceramic coating over a clear bra.  It is okay to do so and every detailing expert will be able to work with ceramic coating and clear bra film.

It has been stated and confirmed by the producers of coating products that it is safe to apply the coating over the clear bra. When you combine coating and PPF, the paint protection is boosted and the results are amazing. The reason as to why the application cannot be done in reverse or why you cannot have clear bra over PPF coating is because applying a ceramic coating over bra your automobile will not benefit from hydrophobic properties.  If you have Clear bra Vancouver applied over the ceramic coating you will not enjoy the hydrophobic characteristics of the coating and your automobile will have diminished reflective properties. Also, the clear bra which is an adhesive will not adhere properly to the slick surface of the coating. When the coating is applied over the clear bra, the effectiveness of both products remains intact.

Best Car Detailing, Use Coating Over Clear Bra

The PPF coating and clear bra products are now widely used in the detailing and coating industry. These two products complement each other when it comes to detailing protection. The two products are tailored to provide optimum gloss and are not used for matte finishes. Clear bra Vancouver will always be careful to use these two products for maximum protection of your car.

Will I be the first one to have these products in my car? This is a common question from clients who want their cars detailed. Now the answer is no since we have done numerous automobiles using PPF coating and clear bra. The results have been pretty because we also use high-quality coatings.  For the records, not all coatings provide all detailing solutions to your car, there are specific coatings for specific uses. We would examine the needs of your vehicle and use the right coating for that specific problem.