Does Your Windshields Durable and Stronger Enough? Find Out Here!

Does Your Windshields Durable and Stronger Enough Find Out Here!

Ever wondered how durable and stronger modern windshields and windows can be? It’s pretty common to hear such stories of windshield destruction during vehicular accidents or road collision. Or perhaps, a car that collided with a deer and endured the crumbled windshield and driver and passengers are still safe, bet, this scenario is not common.

Especially in today’s modern era, windshields are not durable and stronger compared before, and they can manage to survive after some serious and fatal impacts. A windshield is not just a single sheet of auto glass, it serves many different purposes such as privacy and protection. If ever you’re not knowledgeable enough with the details, this article will help you look and understand how strong and durable your windshields in today’s high-tech automotive industry.

Not Just Any Traditional and Old Auto Glass

One of the reasons why many people belittle the strength of windshields because the glass is thought to be fragile. While on the other hand, regular window-pane glass and other types of glass are truly fragile and can be broken easily. However, windshields glass or auto glass are hugely different compared to these types of glass.

A windshield is made from tempered or laminated glass which glass has undergone many phases and procedures that involve the blast of cold air which can make the glass stronger than usual. When you’ve seen someone accidentally hit a windshield using heavy materials such as baseball bat for an instance, you know that this windshield won’t get shattered easily like normal window panes. Windshields will be formed into a group of round and tiny bits of pieces instead of point and sharp pieces.

How Durable is Today’s Windshield?

Oftentimes, the tempered glass may break and damaged when hit with something heavy or another car on the road, but your windshield extra protection features is an extra layer of defense called lamination.

Lamination means to cover with something through the use of a certain layer of plastic which is the same process that was done to your windshield. A layer of a certain durable sticky industrial plastic is sandwiched between the two layers of the tempered glass which can make the durability stronger compared to the other usual types of glass. So, you may be able to determine how strong are today’s windshield if they make a huge impact because plastic lamination in the middle keeps both layers of the glass to stuck together to prevent them from scattering over the places if they got hit directly.

It takes a serious and fatal huge impact to put a hole or damage to your windshield. To put it simply, a single fiber of glass without any flaws or damages can carry 5 times stronger than steel.

Replacing Your Old and Traditional Windshield

As you may know, new and modern windshields are tough and stronger compared before, thanks to modern technology and experts. However, if unexpected mishaps happen to your car and you need an auto glass service provider, just search on the internet, and you’ll find thousands of results to choose from. But remember, always check their website first, read client’s testimonials and feedbacks before making any transactions.