Bugatti Chiron Price, Images, Review, Mileage & Specs 


Bugatti cars in India are the epitome of excellence and power. The brand is a veteran, started in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, his cars went on to become famous as one of the best racing cars ever made and also for their beautiful design. Today the company is owned by the Volkswagen group. Starting with the Veyron which was hailed as the fastest production car of its time, the new Chiron is its direct successor. The Chiron shares its name with an earlier concept car developed by Bugatti themselves in 1999. Infact the Chiron of 1999 went on to be one of the inspirations for both the Veyron and the new Chiron.

Engine and Performance:

The Chiron like the Veyron is a beauty and beast at the same time. Its beast is its mid-engine8.0-liter W16 engine with 4 turbochargers capable of producing 1500bhp and 1600Nm of torque. There are no small numbers associated with the Chiron, in-fact when you do enter the driver’s seat of the Chiron you will see that the speedometer goes all the way to 500 Km/h! Not to forget, the top speed of the Chiron is limited to 420 Kmph but that is only because that is the maximum load the wheels will handle, the Veyron super-sport infact has hit 431 Kmph and holds the record for the fastest road legal car in the world, so it is easy to state that the Chiron is capable of doing much more if the tires can support. All of this power does come at a cost though as expected the mileage of the car sits at around 5.25 km/l. The Chrion weighs in at 2000 kilos and the monocoque chassis is made of carbon fiber to keep weight down.


It would be straight humiliation to call Chiron a car; it’s a hyper-car. A hyper-car is which lives full to its Bugatti’s spirit of Speed and elegance at the same time, outruns any car in broad daylight in comfort. The Chiron takes engineering to the edge of what is technically possible and makes it feel normal.It is capable of pushing the limits of speed in a car while at the same time coming with all the expectations of a luxury car, it boasts of luxury leather seats that are fully customizable with memory settings and a host of other features. There is a lack of a touch screen media unit as in case of newer technology, it would make the car feel out-dated; hence even the odometers and tachometers sport analog technology in today’s time to maintain the charm of the “car”. The car can come fully customizable in a range of colors both interiors and exterior depending on customer choice.

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Bugatti Chiron Price:

By reading the first line, the speculations about price cannot go unsatisfied. The Bugatti Chiron price ranges from (wait for it!) ₹ 19.21 Crore for the standard petrol model and the Chiron Sport retails for ₹ 21.22 Crore for the sport model (all prices ex showroom New Delhi) with the main difference between the cars being a reduction in weight in the Chiron sport due to use of more carbon fiber.

Bugatti cars in India are amongst the most expensive options in the market but still have plenty of takers who like high-performance super cars.