All You Need To Know About BMW Workshops In Singapore

All You Need To Know About BMW Workshops In Singapore

It’s natural to have a lot of concerns after purchasing a new vehicle, including whether or not you need to take your BMW in for maintenance at an authorised BMW service centre in order to maintain the warranty.You’ve arrived at the right spot, as we’ll be talking about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to auto maintenance by a Workshop.

Many new automobile owners are unsure of what steps to follow or what has to be done when it comes time to pick up and service their vehicle.You are not obliged to get your BMW serviced at a BMW dealership in order to maintain the warranty on your vehicle. However, the outcome may change depending on how you financed the vehicle.

To go into the realm of law for a moment, all new BMWs must be offered with a warranty of at least two years’ duration. Regardless of who owns the business at the time, this data would be accurate as of the registration date.

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According to EU law, it is illegal to compel a new automobile buyer to return to the franchised dealership for servicing. It’s dishonest to refuse to validate a new warranty on a vehicle only because the previous owner took it to another dealership for servicing. This franchise, however, is within its rights to go forward with a service schedule again for new buyers, and doing so is required by law.

Many automakers provide extended warranties on brand-new vehicles that go much beyond the industry standard of two years. To find out whether your provider is one of them, however, you’ll need to do some digging and talk to them.

So now you can drive your brand-new BMW with peace of mind thanks to the included warranty. If you own the car, you may take it to whatever bmw workshops you choose. However, you should make sure that their licence is still in effect and that they plan to follow the same basic service guidelines as the manufacturer. Looking for recommended BMW workshops in Singapore? Check out Kee Yong Auto.