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Breaks are integral to the safety of the driver and the passenger; breaks are the most important system of the vehicle to be regularly monitor and service. Due to the wear and tear on the pads of break increase the time and distance to stop the car in case of an emergency. The breaks need to be maintained and service regularly. So, our servicing system is trustworthy and quick. We use advanced techniques and quality equipment to take proper care of breaks.

Problem with ABS (Antilock Braking System)

This may warn you of the amber color light on the dashboard. Generally, new vehicles embedded with separate ABS light indicators. When the red-light starts blinking then it’s time to brake servicing.

Grinding Sound

If your vehicle produces some metallic grinding sound this indicates that the braking pads need to change. Driving with damaged pads because more damage to the vehicle, it may let you into some major problem. This problem indicates the immediate maintenance of the vehicle.

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Low Fading Pedal

If the pedal sinks to the floorboard of the vehicle when applying the brakes, this indicates that the internal leak in the master cylinder. This is a serious problem that needs quick attention from qualified technicians.

Brake Drag

When the piston can stick due to uneven applied pressure, to deal with this problem need to replace the rotors due to uneven wear and damage.

Chirping Noise

The brake pads are designed to tell when they need servicing. When a metal warning tab gets in contact with the rotors makes a highly pitched squealing sound this sound gets attention at slow speed.

Break Repairment process

If you face a problem with a break then contact us, we provide the best technician to resolve these issues. Firstly, run multiple tests to get all problems listed, then required parts or repairing will proceed, like need to replace pads or fill the cylinder with liquid or check the axels all type of problem gets rectified.

Power Booster

As its name shows, the power booster responsible to apply the pressure on the pedal from foot in the required amount of power to activate the main (master) cylinder and complete the braking process.

What is the need for Routine Service?

The braking system had improved from past decades and get more advanced and quicker. These systems need to service time to time to skip any serious accident and keep the driver safe. The routine service help in checking all hidden internal parts and remove the problem.

The brake service San Antonio gives an opportunity to maintain the brakes of all the vehicle one has. This is easily done and there is no hassle that occurs in doing so.